dis·​en·​gage \ dis-in-ˈgāj \ disengaged; disengaging; disengages transitive verb : to release from something that engages or involves intransitive verb : to release or detach oneself

There is a phenomenon unfolding, an awakening, a revolution. However, arousal for some white people is an opportunity for a lot of Blacks to disengage. Know that anger and rage cannot be suppressed indefinitely. Mainstream media, major corporations, grocery store clerks, and neighbors who have seen our Black faces for years, are suddenly touting Black Lives Matter and expressing the desire to have an open dialogue about what change looks like. Consider that rather than giving space for Blacks to breathe, you’re suffocating us. Know that when someone has been disempowered for more than 400 years, that the way we regain power is through anger. Anger might look like silence. It might also look like protesting, looting, or rioting. I do not condone the latter, though I understand that society has failed to uphold many social contracts with Blacks. I’ll leave that there. I am not the voice of Black people. Although, sadly, for some, I am the only Black person you know. This Black woman is tired. Your desire to clear the air and hold space may be well-intentioned, but it is stifling and I can’t breathe.


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