con·nec·tion /kəˈnekSH(ə)n/ noun a relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else.  I traveled a course, with great affection for rational energy as it converted vanes into lights. Under a blanketed sky those red lights served as an indicator a beacon of safety. Decoding the shapes and sounds of the structured vastness of the Mojave. The landscape designed for extremes is an invitation to embrace our vulnerabilities. Much like my journey, nature is on a mission to take back all that has been stolen. The course of life is strenuous at times, though …


Rivers span, offering a belief in something greater than oneself Water flows, reminding of things that make us wild From oceans, we originate to waves we descend Hope for another day If the rapids swallow me, know that my life will carry on Crashing powerfully, gritted with sand beneath feet The cycle of life stems from the sea adulterated and complete these droplets flow within me


Drowning in a tub full of tears Every sip erasing fears This courage fills me with sorrow This water purifies until tomorrow When the sun rises on another day And all that sadness gets washed away The alcohol still flowing in vain With you, there’s only pain Viens pumping fire miss I can’t come back from this


SHAME consciousness of foolish behavior  a painful feeling of humiliation  IS exist  NOT opposing understatement  AFRAID fearful of consequences  undesirable feeling of fear  TO in motion  BE take place SPOKEN say something 

The Currency of Love

Whoever said “love don’t cost a thing” lied  Cause, when you Add up the broken heart of the whole  With each shatter, fragment multiply the tolls Combine that with every tear shed  Factor in every hollow word  Then increase all the confusion  Triple it with empty promises  Double the dimensions of deceit  The ache plus infinity  Credit now ruined Love equals debt    April is National Poetry Month, and for the 30 days of April, I will write a poem each day.